We’re eating spinach, well we ate spinach about a week ago but due to certain events and the kids being sick, I haven’t had time to blog about it. I made Martha’s Creamed Spinach recipe and it came out pretty good. I was surprised how much spinach shrinks down though, the recipe called for 2 ½ lbs of it for 4 servings. At some point my 10 quart pot was filled with spinach leaves but within minutes they shrunk down to barely fitting in a 2 quart pan.

The recipe was very quick and easy to make. The only tedious task was removing the stems from all the spinach leaves – all 2 ½ lbs… wow! What a pain in the ___. After removing the stems and washing the spinach several times, you place it in a large pot and cook over a medium – high heat for about 3-4 minutes until all the leaves are wilted and bright green. You drain the liquid and let the spinach cool. Cooling it took about 10 minutes so this would be a good time to get started on another aspect of the meal or clean up your work area.

When the spinach cooled enough I squeezed out the liquid from it and chopped it coarsely. The next step is to make the bechamel sauce. A béchamel sauce is a white sauce used in French and Italian cooking which is made by whisking milk into a roux (equal parts of flour and butter). The important thing to remember is not to let your roux brown too much before adding the milk (you don’t want to burn it), wait until there are bubbles on the surface and the color has slightly darkened.

When the sauce was done I added the spinach and a pinch of nutmeg. The final product was delicious and creamy and hearty. It would have gone great with the wiener schnitzel I made a few weeks ago or a steak with some herb butter. Although it was just a simple spinach dish, it is one that I know I will make over and over for my family and will probably not even need a recipe for it. Easy Peezy – Thanks Martha!

Mommy Tip: The spinach lasted about 3-4 days in the fridge but you can make larger batches and freeze them for future use. Also, you can run them through a food mill and serve to young babies (I did for my 8 month old) but you might want to mix it with some rice or barley cereal to thicken it up since the milling extracts a lot of liquid from the leaves.







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  1. dana, Very nice blog. makes me feel like cooking. I,ve cooked bechamel souce. It is used a lot in gurmet cooking. good for you!

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