Monthly Update – January 2011

It’s been 31 days since I took this project on so far I’ve made 10 recipes out of over 200. That comes out to about 1 recipe every 3 days or so – not too shabby! Here are the recipes I’ve attempted:

1. Basic Chicken Stock

2. Chicken Soup

3. Broccoli Cream Soup

4. Squash and Goat Cheese Fritatta

5. Grilled Steak

6. Compound Butter

7. Perfect Roast Chicken

8. Wiener Schnitzel

9. Basic Drop Cookies

10. Creme Brulee

My favorite was the Creme Brulee (even though I screwed up and used egg-whites) and my least favorite was the Broccoli Cream Soup.

I have learned a lot in the last month, about cooking and about myself. I have to resist being a perfectionist because it will only hurt me in the long run and keep me down. My perfectionism stems for lack of confidence so I’ve also accepted that I am not a bad cook and I do have some potential – I have to trust my gut instict and most likely things will work out just fine. Cooking wise, reading a recipe and preparing your ingredients before beginning to cook (mise-en-place) is the key to good execution of the dish and good organization.

Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to make the Perfect Roast Chicken again and hopefully I will get it better this time around. This month I hope to focus on egg and grains dishes since I’m trying to diet and its hard with all those delicious main courses. Thank you for reading my blog and this quick update.


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