Let me introduce myself

In 2002, I graduated college with a film degree from Cal State, Northridge but a film career never panned out. Since then, I’ve dabbled in a lot of other ‘careers’ but have not been able to find my true passion – until I discovered that I love to bake, and that I’m pretty good at it. That opened up my eyes and I decided I want to learn to cook, maybe go to culinary school – BUT, and it’s a huge but – I just had a baby 7 months ago and I have a 3 year old at home, plus I work fulltime.

So I gave up the idea for the meantime and decided to try learning to cook on my own. Then, I got Martha Stewart’s Cooking School cookbook for Christmas from my wonderful Mother-in-law and it hit me … cook through the book AND blog about it. How fun! So here I am and I’m going to do this!

If you know me really well, you know that I often get excited about a potential project but that it hardly ever gets off the ground (did I mention that I’ve “dabbled” in lots of ‘careers’ in the 8 years since college?). I thought that blogging about my adventures (or mis-adventures, we’ll see) will keep me accountable and force me to get through this challenge.

I chose Martha Stewart’s book because it’s set up as a cooking school with lessons and sub-lessons. The recipes help you execute the “lectures” that you just read about. I also chose it because Martha Stewart is the ultimate home-maker / career-woman / successful-diva. She’s like Julia Child but More! She does it ALL – and she inspires me. I once read that Martha wakes up at 3 or 4am every day and credits her success to it. I think about it often when I’m still lying in bed at 8:30am with dishes in the sink and laundry on the floor. Not saying, I could ever do it – but it’s amazing nonetheless.

The Rules: There is no Fight Club (ok, film school reference). Well, there really aren’t any rules except that I have to do every lesson in the book and every recipe at least once.  There are some variations on recipes and I will judge those on an individual basis because some of them are so close to the original (substitute chicken for rabbit, etc) that it wouldn’t make any sense to repeat it.  There are approximately 213 recipes in the book, which are broken down into 7 chapters and 49 lessons. I’m not setting up any timeframe to get this done, I’m just going to aim to cook and post once a week.  I was going to do this chronologically but decided it would be best to try and make whole meals rather than cook 1 thing every week (14 weeks of Soups, 8 weeks of eggs, 72 weeks of Meat???) just makes more sense this way.

My biggest fears in undertaking this project are 1. Failing 2. Getting fat 3. Cooking live lobsters (Julie & Julia freaked me out), so I will have to 1. Focus and keep this project in my thoughts all the time, 2. Exercise and watch what I eat on non-cooking days AND 3. Get my Husband to help me with the lobsters. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and that you stick along for the ride.

Let’s get cooking!


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  1. Dana, am sorta like you, I get excited very easily, but never follow thru. I’m sure by blogging about it, will keep you accountable plus… all your fans might need something excitable to read about. I’m sure you will do great–can’t wait to read. Someday I will get as inspired like and dip my feet in 😉

    • Hey Sue,

      Thank you for reading the blog. You are right, I’m sure that this will keep me accountable – I put it out there so it would be pretty embarrassing if I didn’t follow through. Happy New Year!

  2. Danale my dear Cousin!
    Loved the project and the entire idea!
    I wish I could be appointed as your official taster but i’m not sure shipping your creations abroad will do justice to the taste! lol
    So I guess I’ll have to follow your progress & stories from afar and I hope that one day soon we will come visit – maybe i’ll be able to add my personal feedback on your blog then! 🙂
    Best of luck and HaPpY NeW YeAr!
    Love, Gil xxx

    • Gil my Dear,

      Thank you for your lovely comment, and when you come for a visit I will make you a very special meal I PROMISE!!

      Love You!

  3. Dandoosha , go for it. You’ll do great. I know you will cause you are my girl. I guess I am going to be your frequent ginney pig. ( did I spell it right?).

    • Guinea Pig – close. I hope you don’t mind …. Oh and thank you for the encouraging words!!! Love you Lots and lots!

  4. I’m doing the same thing, in a way, I am not in the correct time of life to go to culinary school, but have been cooking for a profession for the last 9 yrs, self taught. I now manage a cafe and am a private chef for the Dr.s Bird, which keeps me hopping during the summer months. I am constantly introduced as the “head chef” and its been to other chefs, so I want to be as educated as I can….I ordered some text books from culinary arts schools and am working my way through them at home, during my “off” time….its been quite an adventure already! I look forward to reading about your experience with Martha’s book.Stop by and we can compare recipes and techniques!

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